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story/fanfic: an encounter like no other

2017-06-01 12:15:28 by Harukoemiko

 A fight

My name is haruko... i am an upcoming Vocaloid... but without a voice. one day i had attended KAITOS concert that he had invited me too. he was so sweet and a real great friend helping me find my voice and giving me support. Often times i would get looks like really murderous ones from Meiko and Miku like i was taking something that was theirs, other than that I got on well with everyone even miku... as far as getting along well with Meiko that was a different story. 

After the concert I Went out with everyone too a sushi resteraunt and it was great although i was a bit worried about Meikos behavior, she was out like a light until we left and al was going to walk her to her house because he lived in the direction of her house. The thing is... I lived in that direction but not even that but... I was her neighbor... I had to put up with her every day.

After al had left there was a knock on my door and when i went out to check Meiko was there. I didnt know why but i Knew she was drunk and not to expect anything normal. and just as I thought I was correct. 

"Hi Meiko" I said expecting the best... but She lashed out breaking the bottle in her hand against the wall as I ducked.

"Why?! why did you take any chance! any chance that i had with kaito!!!?" she wiped her face full of tears only to be replaced by disgust. 

"what1 what do you  mean? I didnt take kaito  to be honest I'm not trying to take anyone!" tears fellfrom my eyes."Hes just the only one whos been kind to me since the beginning i mean eventually everyone else warmed up to me but even still I'll get looks from Miku! Its not exactly like its easy for me! Kaito's just a nice guy!" From then on it just got worse... meiko was prepared to fight and she took classes to, as for me i had no training whatsoever... but even still i was prepared to fight...



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