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An encounter

As the fight for my life went on dodging from Meiko's punches I was growing weak I couldn't stand, My legs were about to give out. What can i do went through my head multiple times. The truth is I cant do anything... Meiko is bigger than me much more skilled and aggressive. 

"Please stop Meiko, I cant keep up this is completely unneeded... please just stop!!!!! " 

"You think Im going to stop that easy? well your wrong girl... your going down and nothing can stop me!" Meiko then reached down for a piece of broken glass from the smashed bottle and ran towards me... I was scared and all i could do was stand there there was nothing I could do and she looked like she was gonna kill me. 

Before she got to me a figure that had been walking along the road had came up from behind her and whacks her in the head knocking her out...

"dont worry shes not dead, just probably wont wake up till shes sober." The hooded figure said.

"um th-th- ..."  At this time I still haddn't fully responded  to the hooded man that saved my life risking his I have to thank him but I cant, my world felt like it was collapsing... even though she was drunk I knew she felt that way... I mean who wouldn't Kaito is a really sweet guy and now im ruining his relationship with others... but... I like him too. 

"well it looks like your having a bit of a rough time... Ill leave now... Im assuming you know her by the way you were fighting with her... seeya!" the man started walking off.

"wait..." I said while grabbing the trim of his jacket... trembling. "how long had you been watching us?"

 "Oh, only when the fight started I wanted to see how it played out... Its not every day that you see something like that... by the way what exactly was that fight about?" 

"well you see... I am a vocaloid... i haven't made my debut yet... and one of my vocaloid friends Kaito whom is super nice to me and probably my only true friend, she 'Meiko' feels like im taking him away from her... and so that's why. "

"Not gonna lie but that's kind of a stupid reason to almost kill someone. honestly shes gotta be one scary person... hahahaha " as he laughed... for the first time that evening I laughed. "you look good when you smile... try to do it more... well i must be on my way." the man who had his face still covered had gotten up and walked away, vanishing into the night... never to be seen again and i felt something interesting a different feeling about him he was not a regular guy...


 A fight

My name is haruko... i am an upcoming Vocaloid... but without a voice. one day i had attended KAITOS concert that he had invited me too. he was so sweet and a real great friend helping me find my voice and giving me support. Often times i would get looks like really murderous ones from Meiko and Miku like i was taking something that was theirs, other than that I got on well with everyone even miku... as far as getting along well with Meiko that was a different story. 

After the concert I Went out with everyone too a sushi resteraunt and it was great although i was a bit worried about Meikos behavior, she was out like a light until we left and al was going to walk her to her house because he lived in the direction of her house. The thing is... I lived in that direction but not even that but... I was her neighbor... I had to put up with her every day.

After al had left there was a knock on my door and when i went out to check Meiko was there. I didnt know why but i Knew she was drunk and not to expect anything normal. and just as I thought I was correct. 

"Hi Meiko" I said expecting the best... but She lashed out breaking the bottle in her hand against the wall as I ducked.

"Why?! why did you take any chance! any chance that i had with kaito!!!?" she wiped her face full of tears only to be replaced by disgust. 

"what1 what do you  mean? I didnt take kaito  to be honest I'm not trying to take anyone!" tears fellfrom my eyes."Hes just the only one whos been kind to me since the beginning i mean eventually everyone else warmed up to me but even still I'll get looks from Miku! Its not exactly like its easy for me! Kaito's just a nice guy!" From then on it just got worse... meiko was prepared to fight and she took classes to, as for me i had no training whatsoever... but even still i was prepared to fight...



2017-06-01 10:47:21 by Harukoemiko

ok.... i am soo exhausted... all i want to do activly is draw.... just because its just movement..... i know i need to work on body shape.......